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Online resouces to find freelance work as a writer

There are several online resources available for existing and new writers. If looking for freelance, part-time, or full-time gigs, Up-work is an excellent platform with all types of writing and media jobs. Formerly known as o-Desk, Up-work has an extensive network of clients that are always looking for the best writers, editors, graphic designers, SEO specialists, and media experts for their projects. The platform is also socially interactive, and features a range of SEO and marketing tools for all new and existing initiatives.  If looking for a substantial side income or even to start a new online commercial venture, Up-work will truly achieve your desired results.

The Fiverr Experience

If looking to become a freelance consultant, Fiverr is another innovative platform that truly captures the allure and essence of networking. Similar to Up-work, this network is comprised of leading copywriters, editors, media specialists, social media gurus, and promotional experts. After completing your profile – which helps showcase your skills to potential clients – you can start creating service “gigs”. Gigs are basically service offerings to clients, and rates are determined by the provider. Writers can also browse the network for service requests via new and existing clients. This is a great place to build a strong online writing portfolio, while networking with fellow writers and clients looking for the best services.

CMS Sites and Platforms

Content management systems (CMS) are another great way to ply your writing skills and access a wealth of projects. There are countless CMS platforms available on the Web – and most require a grammar and written test to check for proficiency. This allows you to earn more money for projects if your skills match the upper tier requirements. In addition to meeting criteria, you can earn bonuses for delivering fast and high-volume articles. CMS is simply a great way to work as a home-based writer or telecommuting agent. Most of all, you work when you want and can even determine the categories you want. From sports and health to press releases and product reviews, there are so many categories and subjects available to produce content for. If your writing meets or exceeds the norm, clients can also place you on their “favorites” list for steady and recurring work.

Writing Videos and Tutorials

YouTube also features several writing tutorials and videos. These are designed to help copywriters enhance and improve their skills. These videos cover basic templates and grammar, along with creating captivating titles that set the tone and gist of the entire article. These valuable resources have helped countless writers brush up on their skills, while learning new tips on how to secure better flow and readability. In today’s turbulent digital age, people no longer have time for lengthy content. In fact, they want information that is easy to scan and digest. As a result, your writing must be precise, concise, and straight to the point to ensure optimal patronage and visibility. By accessing the Web, you truly have a wealth of available writing opportunities and essential resources at your fingertips.