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Five Reasons Why Yoou Need A Professional Copywriter For Your Legal Content

Posted by on Aug 21, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Five Reasons Why Yoou Need A Professional Copywriter For Your Legal Content

Many law firms love idea of creating and writing their own content for their websites. As attractive as this idea may be, the reality is that most attorney do not really have the expertise or time to do so. It is often cheaper, more efficient and smarter to outsource legal content writing using sites like Jumpem or Upwork to an outside party who has the right expertise. Here are four reasons why a professional copywriter is needed for legal content;


Attending law school and drafting a mean legal brief does not translate to writing an engaging blog post or a compelling newsletter. Legal copywriters do these things on a daily basis and therefore understand what type of wording that draws people and attracts new customers to your site. Some content writers are actually attorneys who understand the different nuances of the law and this is brought forth in their writing.


Most lawyers can churn out a legal document in absolutely no time but it could take up to three hours to write a Efficiencyshort blog post because you are not familiar with the form of writing. These are three hours that could have been spent going to court, sitting in with a new client for a meeting or going over a new case. If you create four posts in a months at the very minimum, that is twelve wasted hours every four weeks. It make sense to get someone to do the writing for you. Mr. Semrad of Robert J Semrad & Associates believes that an experienced legal copywriter can finish it quickly and will save you time that you can put back into your company.

Professional communication

Hiring the services of an expert copywriter helps you be assured that the content produced is of high and professional quality. Communication between your organisation or business and the client is very vital as it can have a positive or negative impact on your business. The words and text should therefore be carefully considered as any unprofessional content will result in a potentially damaging result. From a corporate and formal corporate press release to an entertaining and light-hearted blog, a professional copywriter is able to offer the best tone.

Online Visibility

In the recent years, the process of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a top priority for many Visibility in the digital worldcompanies. Doing all you can to make sure that your website appears at the very top of search results is at the top of every business owner’s mind. Although there is absolutely no magic or secret formula, there are some important factors that should be considered when copy writing for a legal company. These are factors that a professional legal copywriter totally understands.

Sense of Direction

Having internal departments or staff write for your company can save you some money, but in the long run this might not be an advantage to the business as a whole since a sense of perspective is lost in the process. It is vital to know what your clients wants to read which is easier for an outsider to understand rather than an internal employee. A professional copywriter can communicate why a certain product or service can add value into a person’s life form an unbiased but an understanding viewpoint.


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5 ways to brand yourself better as a writer

Posted by on Apr 14, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 5 ways to brand yourself better as a writer

When most people hear about branding, their minds wander away, thinking of great companies. Little do they know that personalities need branding too. For writers, branding is beneficial, as you do not have to wait to be an acknowledged author or to have your works published. Just as companies shine through branding, writers can excel too if they use it properly. Here are some of the ways through which one can brand themselves as writers.

Determine, which avenue to use in making yourself known: before you determine which avenue to use, you need to decide on the kind of writing that interests you. Think of the types of writings you intend to do, themes you want to cover in your work, subjects to write on, your values and most importantly your interests. The reason personal interest is fundamental lies in the fact that personal touch makes you own the content and, as a result, leads to captivating content. Once you have picked a particular line of interest, venture into creating things such as tagline, logos, or even websites bearing a message from the selected line.

Write a few books on a particular subject: Luckily, nowadays, there are eBooks a few pages long. You may write either non-fiction, fiction books or a mixture of both. Nonetheless, make sure they follow a similar theme and topic. Uniformity makes you an authority in that area and brands you in a manner most appealing.

Create a website or open a blog: websites and blogs are quite easy to open nowadays. Make use of that. However, the content of your blog or website should go hand in hand with the topics or themes chosen. Buy a domain, which bears your name. Then, customize your blog or website in such a way that it is attractive to the readers. Avoid ambiguity; readers need to know your exact theme and interests.

Carry your brand image to your social media sites: in this strategy, you will profit especially if you have a large social media following. Most importantly, make sure that the phrases, colors, and tag lines match those used on your website, blog or any other platform. Then, you can copy and paste URLs that link back to your website or blog. This leads your social media followers to more of your content, and that works in your favor without a doubt.

Seek help from others: Lastly, if your find it hard to do everything by yourself, do not feel shy to ask for some help. Help could come even from the least expected quarters. For instance, your readers could give some relevant advice on how you can do things differently for better results. There are also some experts ready and willing to help you for a fee of course.

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Online resouces to find freelance work as a writer

Posted by on Nov 27, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Online resouces to find freelance work as a writer

There are several online resources available for existing and new writers. If looking for freelance, part-time, or full-time gigs, Up-work is an excellent platform with all types of writing and media jobs. Formerly known as o-Desk, Up-work has an extensive network of clients that are always looking for the best writers, editors, graphic designers, SEO specialists, and media experts for their projects. The platform is also socially interactive, and features a range of SEO and marketing tools for all new and existing initiatives.  If looking for a substantial side income or even to start a new online commercial venture, Up-work will truly achieve your desired results.

The Fiverr Experience

If looking to become a freelance consultant, Fiverr is another innovative platform that truly captures the allure and essence of networking. Similar to Up-work, this network is comprised of leading copywriters, editors, media specialists, social media gurus, and promotional experts. After completing your profile – which helps showcase your skills to potential clients – you can start creating service “gigs”. Gigs are basically service offerings to clients, and rates are determined by the provider. Writers can also browse the network for service requests via new and existing clients. This is a great place to build a strong online writing portfolio, while networking with fellow writers and clients looking for the best services.

CMS Sites and Platforms

Content management systems (CMS) are another great way to ply your writing skills and access a wealth of projects. There are countless CMS platforms available on the Web – and most require a grammar and written test to check for proficiency. This allows you to earn more money for projects if your skills match the upper tier requirements. In addition to meeting criteria, you can earn bonuses for delivering fast and high-volume articles. CMS is simply a great way to work as a home-based writer or telecommuting agent. Most of all, you work when you want and can even determine the categories you want. From sports and health to press releases and product reviews, there are so many categories and subjects available to produce content for. If your writing meets or exceeds the norm, clients can also place you on their “favorites” list for steady and recurring work.

Writing Videos and Tutorials

YouTube also features several writing tutorials and videos. These are designed to help copywriters enhance and improve their skills. These videos cover basic templates and grammar, along with creating captivating titles that set the tone and gist of the entire article. These valuable resources have helped countless writers brush up on their skills, while learning new tips on how to secure better flow and readability. In today’s turbulent digital age, people no longer have time for lengthy content. In fact, they want information that is easy to scan and digest. As a result, your writing must be precise, concise, and straight to the point to ensure optimal patronage and visibility. By accessing the Web, you truly have a wealth of available writing opportunities and essential resources at your fingertips.

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The importance of making writing more than a hobby to become a full time journalist

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Copywriting, Education, School Alumni, Tips For Journalists  , Uncategorized | Comments Off on The importance of making writing more than a hobby to become a full time journalist

The copywriting industry continues to evolve at alarming rates. No longer is web copywriting simply relegated to articles and strategic keywords for CMS platforms. Today’s copywriter plays a vital role in any online marketing or SEO campaign. This includes social media profiles and integration, along with traditional articles, blog posts, press releases, and especially web content. If you know how to articulate ideas and put words to paper, you may have the making of a great copywriter or journalism expert.

Honing in On Your Skills

With copywriter services at an all time high, the industry continues to grow and expand. From SEO and marketing agencies to media and news outlets, writers are now earning their true potential across the board. This means they are making a great living by doing what they do best – writing and editing for a myriad of assignments and clients. To tap into this burgeoning and rapidly expanding trend, there are countless options and choices available. This includes applying for copywriting jobs online, which is usually the first step to a successful and thriving career. When applying for copywriting or editor roles, there are many aspects involved, including:

In-house Writing Positions

With web copywriting positions, you have access to a full suite of projects and assignments on a daily or weekly basis. This includes web content, social media profiles, press releases, SEO articles, and even content for promotional campaigns and advertising collateral. As always, you must adhere to strict guidelines, and be ready to take on any and all new challenges. If you love writing but want to make it more than just a hobby – web copywriter services is the perfect platform to launch a potentially lucrative career. Many journalists and web copywriters have worked for CMS agencies to build up their skills, portfolio, and resume. This has propelled them to apply and work in actually offices with in-house SEO services and projects across the board.

Blogging and Writing Services

Blogging is another way to showcase you writing skills and creativity. In fact, blogging continues to soar in global popularity, and is a vital element of SEO and securing higher visibility on Google. While some blogs are geo-specific, most are designed to cover a broad range of topics and categories. Many writers have also created their own online services via Facebook groups as well. This means you no longer need traditional websites to start earning money for your writing and editing services. It simply requires a strong commitment on your part to facilitate client requests in a timely and professional manner. If you are ready to take your writing hobby and make it a successful business, now is simply a great time.

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The importance becoming more proficient at blogging in 2016

Posted by on Nov 21, 2015 in Copywriting, Student Alumni, Tips For Journalists  , Uncategorized | Comments Off on The importance becoming more proficient at blogging in 2016

Blogging continues to soar in global popularity. In fact, it is now a vital element in any online SEO or marketing campaign. No longer is blogging simply relegated as a sidekick to traditional websites. Today’s blogs play a key role in effectively attracting and engaging visitors and potential customers. Unlike traditional web content, however, blogging is designed around less restrictive and informal templates – which allow writers to truly capture the allure and essence of their creativity and ingenuity. Similar to web content and CMS articles though, blogging should entail plenty of visible and embedded links to connect clients to the products, information, or services they seek.

How to Enhance Blogging Skills

While journalism continues to grow and expand at alarming rates, not many writers are proficient in the ways of blogging. In fact, countless writers do not produce content for blogs, let alone have their own blogs or writing services. According to industry experts, there are easy ways to tap into this burgeoning and growing trend. The following ideas can help any new or seasoned writer create or write for established blogs on the Web:


How different are Blogs from Other Writing?

Writing for blogs is certainly different that writing for articles, press releases, and other materials. For one, blogs incorporate a free writing style that is synonymous with mind-maps. In other words, blogs are the perfect platform to discuss personal interests, politics, sports, and other subjects that are usually rigid or focus-orientated in nature in article production. While blogging can correlate with social media pages, it simply depends on what type of information you want to showcase. For example: a blog about baseball equipment must be geared towards clients and customers that are looking for great deals and special promotions. This can interlink with you website or social media page about baseball equipment for teams and clubs. Suffice to say, you would not really discuss another other topics on the blog except those that are baseball orientated.

Blog Writing Courses

As part of extensive journalism courses at schools across the nation – blogging skills are taught by seasoned professionals and media specialists. This too is a great way to hone in on your writing skills, while learning the basic essentials and intricacies of creating the perfect blogging platform. If you want to learn more about blogging and its place in SEO 2016, simply check the Web or apply for a course at your local educational center.

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