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5 ways to brand yourself better as a writer

When most people hear about branding, their minds wander away, thinking of great companies. Little do they know that personalities need branding too. For writers, branding is beneficial, as you do not have to wait to be an acknowledged author or to have your works published. Just as companies shine through branding, writers can excel too if they use it properly. Here are some of the ways through which one can brand themselves as writers.

Determine, which avenue to use in making yourself known: before you determine which avenue to use, you need to decide on the kind of writing that interests you. Think of the types of writings you intend to do, themes you want to cover in your work, subjects to write on, your values and most importantly your interests. The reason personal interest is fundamental lies in the fact that personal touch makes you own the content and, as a result, leads to captivating content. Once you have picked a particular line of interest, venture into creating things such as tagline, logos, or even websites bearing a message from the selected line.

Write a few books on a particular subject: Luckily, nowadays, there are eBooks a few pages long. You may write either non-fiction, fiction books or a mixture of both. Nonetheless, make sure they follow a similar theme and topic. Uniformity makes you an authority in that area and brands you in a manner most appealing.

Create a website or open a blog: websites and blogs are quite easy to open nowadays. Make use of that. However, the content of your blog or website should go hand in hand with the topics or themes chosen. Buy a domain, which bears your name. Then, customize your blog or website in such a way that it is attractive to the readers. Avoid ambiguity; readers need to know your exact theme and interests.

Carry your brand image to your social media sites: in this strategy, you will profit especially if you have a large social media following. Most importantly, make sure that the phrases, colors, and tag lines match those used on your website, blog or any other platform. Then, you can copy and paste URLs that link back to your website or blog. This leads your social media followers to more of your content, and that works in your favor without a doubt.

Seek help from others: Lastly, if your find it hard to do everything by yourself, do not feel shy to ask for some help. Help could come even from the least expected quarters. For instance, your readers could give some relevant advice on how you can do things differently for better results. There are also some experts ready and willing to help you for a fee of course.